"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. "

Albert Einstein


"The insightful questions you asked me still have me thinking and rethinking our work. . .and isn't that precisely what excellent facilitation will do — create open doorways, and new frames for old things. "

Teresa Huizar
Executive Director
Western Regional Children's Advocacy Center

When to call us?  When agreement matters.

Today's pressing issues span boundaries, disciplines and jurisdictions. 
We help you approach large scale issues with human scale sensibilities.

When does agreement matter?

  • When a policy has to be developed so everyone’s work is aligned.
  • When a strategic plan is needed to crystallize understanding and set clear priorities for action.
  • When interdependent groups must cooperate on a decision despite a history of blame and mistrust.
  • When people are willing to explore emergent possibilities in response to practical and compelling questions.
  • When progress would be accelerated with a focus on assets and strengths rather than problems.
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Since it matters, can't we do better?

Too often, traditional approaches to problem solving fail to resolve the issues. Collaborative group methods, however, elicit creative answers to vexing dilemmas. You can get agreements and high quality decisions that make a difference. You can confront conflicts and divergent viewpoints. You can shift your group from stuck to active, resigned to productive, discouraged to engaged. You can tap the intelligence and innate spirit within your system.

Policy development. Strategic planning. Capacity building.

Weiss Consulting works with you to resolve problems, set strategic direction and create alignment among people, policies and practices. 

Clear thinking. Wise decisions. Quality outcomes.

These are the results we help you achieve. Weiss Consulting helps companies and communities turn challenges into opportunities and problems into possibilities. Using cutting edge collaborative group technologies, we design and lead meetings, conferences and planning processes. Our clients get excellent results that work, when agreement matters for effective action.

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