Weiss Consulting helps organizations focus on the strengths at their core and clarify their desired futures so they move forward as one.

Strategic Planning

Weiss Consulting has designed and facilitated dozens of strategic planning events and participative processes for executive teams, boards of directors, task forces and community leadership teams since 1975. 

"What's working?  What do we want more of?"  A strategic planning process should answer these questions.  Creating a document to sit on a shelf is not the point.  What's useful is clarity of direction and priorities that guide daily work.  Effective strategic planning generates strategic thinking and embeds alignment throughout the organization.  It develops coherence and commitment to strategic direction and a few clear actionable priorities. 

Our approach focuses organizations on the positive qualities at their core and leverages those qualities for future success.  We incorporate elements from classic strategic planning methods, appreciative inquiry, knowledge cafe, and graphic facilitation.  Driving toward results while attending to people and process, we help groups navigate tough decisions and move forward as one toward shared goals.  

Examples of Weiss Consulting's extensive strategic planning work include