Weiss Consulting helps diverse groups listen to one another and develop coherent policies with integrity.

Policy Development

Weiss Consulting has a long history of supporting collaborative multi-party policy development at the national and regional levels.

What is policy?  Policy states what is intended and why.  It is a fusion of desires, direction and values.  Policy often emerges from edict or back-room deals, lobbying and legislation.  Sometimes though, policy is developed intentionally by a group of people embodying a range of perspectives, collaborating to improve an issue of mutual concern.  In these cases the story behind the nicely crafted policy language is one of passion, struggle, advocacy, perseverance and commitment.  This is the kind of policy development process Weiss Consulting supports.

Since the 1980's, Weiss Consulting has been privileged to support groups of people who bring thoughtful and caring effort to develop innovative policy.  They bring deep expertise and experience to their theory and practice.  They bring powerful differences of opinion and strong feelings.  They make distinctions about details and logics beyond what most people can discern.  We contribute our expertise to help them listen to one another, amplify their patience and open-mindedness, and develop coherent policies with integrity

Examples of Weiss Consulting's national policy development work include