"Working with you allowed us to leave some old unworkable practices behind along with a lot of the hard feelings.  We created some practical new ways of working that will allow us to handle our challenges."  

Dorothy Conniff, Manager
Community Initiatives Department
City of Madison WI

Capacity Building

Weiss Consulting has long history and diverse experience building and deepening organizational and system capacity

You know your strategic direction.  Your policies are in place.  Now, do your people have the capacity - the abilities and skills you need - to implement your intentions and bring them to life?  Are your systems structured to support sustainable success?  Can diverse stakeholder groups move beyond differences into collaboration on future efforts?  These are typical challenges faced by organizations and alliances seeking to make progress.  Knowing where to go and what to do, the focus shifts to how - how to move forward and strengthen internal capacity.

We design and deliver trainer and facilitator skill development programs.  We provide technical assistance and scaffolding support to internal consultants practicing their new and expanded skills.  We offer executive coaching to leaders guiding organizational change.  We help groups and networked organizations untangle and clarify roles and responsibilities.  We design and lead conferences where policy is disseminated and community-based application teams receive support as they begin to do their back-home work.  We craft community building processes and events that not only achieve the stated goals, but increase stakeholders' ability to collaborate on future efforts.

Examples of Weiss Consulting's capacity building projects include