Weiss Consulting Supports Public Policy, Non-Profit and Justice Organizations

Weiss Consulting has a long history of projects developing policy in the areas of violence against women, child welfare, and justice.  We have facilitated national cross-disciplinary policy development initiatives and major innovative conferences, developed train the trainer and facilitator programs, led strategic planning events and consulted to local community collaboratives

Domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and neglect are particularly complex, contentious and ardently-argued challenges.  The solutions to these policy and practice issues are embedded in a wide range of disciplines and arenas - legislation, law enforcement, social work, medicine, advocacy, community, and the courts.  Public policy work is, by nature, multi-disciplinary, complex, and fraught with challenges.  Our experience with such dynamics has prepared us to recognize patterns and to respond and lead with confidence.

Weiss Consulting has supported public policy development in partnership with numerous not-for-profit organizations and justice initiatives, including these cases:

  • The Defense Task Force on Sexual Harassment and Violence in the Military Service Academies crafted well-reasoned recommendations to improve conditions at West Point and Annapolis.  Our facilitation and process consulting launched the project and helped military and civilian members achieve understanding and agreement. Weiss Consulting facilitated the follow-along Defense Task Force on Sexual Assault in the Military Services, addressing these issues at all levels of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.
  • The Greenbook Advisory Committee developed groundbreaking policy recommendations for three intersecting professions.  We used innovative meeting designs and leadership to create trust and build solutions that are working today in hundreds of communities.
  • National Children's Alliance developed a strategic plan that grew out of a national conversation about what matters to their members.  We conducted the planning process with an appreciative approach and used existing forums to engage hundreds of participants.
  • New Jersey's Department of Human Services infused and embedded an appreciative approach into their beleaguered organization.  We taught Appreciative Inquiry to a cadre of staff and provided technical assistance as they applied AI across the agency. 
  • Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape used a strategic planning process to set a bold and visionary direction that builds on the successes of their first 30 years.  This article from PCAR's newsletter describes their experience of Weiss Consulting's appreciative, strengths-based planning process. We have worked with PCAR since then to update and implement their plans.