Weiss Consulting Helps Emerging Technology Partnerships

Weiss Consulting brings critical expertise to the emerging technologies sectors.  We support constructive public discourse on controversial issues.  Our expert facilitation helps diverse groups of stakeholders develop strategic direction, research priorities, policies and best practices.  Entire industries grow stronger through collaboration on strategic issues, and the resulting actions are robust.

In information technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, advances in basic science and new applications are accelerating rapidly.  Products are proliferating.  Commercialization, entrepreneurship, and market development are exploding.  Many parties are involved: business, research, universities, governments, funders, alliances, associations and the public. 

The opportunities are vast and the dynamics are complexSignificant challenges abound, from intellectual property issues to health and environmental concerns, public education needs, employment and job training issues.  Weiss Consulting's experience with science and technology organizations, fostering collaboration and partnership, and facilitating strategic policy development are well aligned with these opportunities and needs.

Weiss Consulting has helped emerging technology partnerships in these cases:

  • At the GeoData Forum, information technology professionals and policy makers agreed on collaboration priorities for their emerging industry. We used innovative meeting methods to engage them in compelling conversations.
  • At a major pharmaceutical company we taught the internal consulting team the principles and methods of Appreciative Inquiry and guided their practice in appropriate applications. A return engagement applied this work to reorganizations and related change dynamics.
  • The URISA professional association Board used a day-long retreat to reconnect with their core values and strengths and to establish two strategic priorities.  We used an appreciative approach to help them revitalize their leadership and launch two strategic initiatives.