"I have never had such a feeling of productivity and achievements accomplished."

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Western Regional CAC

Client Results

Weiss Consulting helps you reach agreement when it matters.  Our expertise with complex policy issues, critical multi-party initiatives and conflicting interests helps our clients achieve clear thinking, wise decisions and quality results. 

We design customized collaborative processes, conduct productive working sessions and forums for compelling conversations, and provide firm, fair, impartial guidance to help:

  • Find common ground that bridges opposing viewpoints.
  • Reach agreements that provide mutual benefit and satisfy diverse interests.
  • Achieve consensus on new policies and practice standards.

In the process, groups get back on track, focus on what works, and remember why it's worth the effort. They

  • Build a stronger foundation for future collaboration.
  • Resolve critical policy and priority decisions.
  • Save time, money and political goodwill.

With our impartial guidance, leaders can step back and fully understand the situation. We help them regain the confidence that solutions can be reached. We help our clients exceed their own expectations.

Read about specific results and the benefits of Weiss Consulting's work in three major arenas: