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What Clients Say

"I wanted to let you all know just how much you impacted me, as well as the thousands of people in DHS.  For me personally, you have been the best mentors.  I have learned and grown so much working with you.  AI is more than a process; in order to truly have impact, it must become a part of your life.  You all have exemplified that in everything you do.  Your questions, insights, patience and guidance led me and others in a direction that we did not even know we were going.  Thank you for everything. "

Kim Rogers McLean  
Assistant Commissioner for Human Resources
NJ Department of Human Services


"Thanks for all your great work, Lonnie.  Your work really helps us planners in organizing thoughts and ideas, and in keeping complex projects moving forward in a thematic and organized way!"

Marisa Wieczorek
Senior Planner
Mercer County Planning Division


"Your facilitation tools and wisdom were a great model.  I value your modeling exquisitely what I aspire to do.  Your flexibility and adaptability invite a fabulous work environment.  Leaving other trainings, I have never had such a feeling of productivity and achievements accomplished."

Facilitator Training
Western Regional CAC


“Thank you for helping me not only to discover what I might want to do for a profession, but also to discover things about myself that I knew somewhere inside, but didn’t actually realize. I can never repay you for your time, effort and insight.”

Appreciative Career Coaching Client


"It was so personally satisfying to work on a project with good and decent people in a way that nurtured all that is good within the organization and its people."

Jim Davy
James M. Davy Associates
Former Commissioner, NJ Department of Human Services


"Thank you for the enormous effort put forth by the entire team, including Weiss Consulting.  I especially want to thank Lonnie and Amy for always being respectful and keeping us on task.  While the end result was not perfect agreement, at least we were able to come to many agreements, and the final disagreement did not have the acrimony that was evident at the beginning of the process."  

Partners' Roundtable participants
Penns Neck Area EIS


"How can I begin to thank you for your contribution to the 2001 National GeoData Forum?  You designed an engaging, stimulating, entertaining and educational conference and then did a marvelous job as conference master of ceremonies.  Bravo! Thanks for all that you have done to advance the beneficial use of geographic information."

Kathy Covert
Forum Project Manager
GeoData Alliance


"We were honored with the skillful leadership, focus, insight, finesse and elegance with which you facilitated the conference.  Collaboration is a difficult topic and the willingness of the participants to enter into open dialogue with each other brought us to a new level of understanding for working together."

Merry Hofford, former Director
Family Violence Department
National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges


"Thank you for your exceptional efforts to make this meeting the great success that is was.  We have thanked our faculty for their efforts to create an environment where willingness to change and learn could sprout and grow, but you have been both the architect and a builder of that environment.  We feel that you have become a great friend to us and to our work."

Hillery Efkeman and Susan Keilitz, National Center for State Courts
Kay Chopard, National Criminal Justice Association


"All the members present were VERY impressed with you! Specifically your organization, clear thinking, patient listening and quick wit made for a productive and enjoyable session."

David Tustison
Irwin Financial Corporation


"Your work with us came at a critical time.  We had added responsibilities and functions without enough planning or support.  People were frayed and under a terrific strain.  Working with you allowed us to leave some old unworkable practices behind along with a lot of the hard feelings.  We created some practical new ways of working that will allow us to handle our challenges. What did you do?  I think you created a space in which we could reconnect with what we cared about in our work and what was good about each other. In that space we found the energy to tackle things that had seemed overwhelming."

Dorothy Conniff, Manager
Community Initiatives Department
City of Madison WI


"Our meeting exceeded my expectations, due in part to you.  You worked diligently to learn our business and then to build an agenda appropriate to our needs.  Your questions forced me and my staff to clarify our approach and goals for the meeting.  You did not just facilitate a meeting.  You facilitated the interactions and the learning of the group.  I continue to hear evidence that these folks have a deeper understanding of what we are doing together, and why.  Such buy-in can only lead to greater success of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure."

John J. Moeller, former Chief
Branch of Geographic Data Coordination
U.S. Geological Survey
U.S. Department of the Interior


"I have great respect for Lonnie Weiss.  She knows when, how, and in what ways to exert or not to exert her power as facilitator.  She can move the group with just a few well chosen, well timed words.  That's an impressive use of the power of a facilitator."

Advanced Facilitator Training
Madison Area Quality Improvement Network