Major Pharmaceutical Company


The Organization Development department of a major U.S. pharmaceutical firm wished to learn about Appreciative Inquiry as a new tool to add to their array of consulting methods.  In their highly scientific and technological industry, building on existing assets could strengthen their competitive edge and help distinguish their firm.


The staff learned the principles and methods of Appreciative Inquiry and practiced applying them to their own team.  They discovered the positive core and essence of their group, shared aspirations of how to exert even greater influence in their company, and designed bold propositions for how to grow their impact.  They continue to hone their appreciative practice.


Weiss Consulting tailored a day and a half long learning session that had the staff experience the Discovery and Dream phases of the Appreciative Inquiry 4 D model.  Discovering the best of the group, synthesizing their positive core, and reflecting upon their desires for the future led to serious conversations about approach and strategy, as well as analysis of the principles of AI.  Shortly thereafter we designed and led another day that focused on the Design phase.  Here the group resolved remaining choices and planned how to implement their intentions.  Continuing consultation with staff leaders supported team members as they practiced the appreciative principles and incorporated their bold proposals for growth into daily work.