"Your facilitation tools and wisdom were a great model.  Your flexibility and adaptability invite a fabulous work environment."

Facilitator Training
Western Regional CAC

Lonnie S. Weiss

With over twenty-five years of experience, Lonnie is a masterful designer and facilitator of policy development initiatives, strategic planning processes, and collaborative working sessions.  She specializes in complex planning and policy situations that span multiple sectors and professions.  She works at local, state, regional and national levels with not-for-profit organizations, governmental agencies and private industry.

Lonnie's practice begins with customized planning and tailored designs for every project.  Her designs incorporate clear objectives, explicit agendas, strategic use of small groups, logical data analysis methods, an emphasis on strengths and areas of agreement, and strong meeting management.  Her skillful leadership in difficult deliberations guides groups to success.  Lonnie draws upon her knowledge of the principles and methods of group dynamics, strategic planning, adult learning, Appreciative Inquiry and collaborative practices in her work.

Prior to forming Weiss Consulting, Lonnie consulted on quality and process improvement methods at Joiner Associates and on conflict resolution approaches at the Center for Conflict Resolution.  Lonnie holds an M.A. in organizational communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a B.S. in developmental psychology from Cornell University.  She earned her professional association's designation as a Certified Professional Facilitator.  She co-authored Conflict Resolution Skills: A Trainer's Manual; Building United Judgment: A Handbook for Consensus Decision Making; and Joiner Associates' The Team Handbook: How to Use Teams to Improve Quality.  She has published two articles in The AI Practitioner and co-contributed a case to Deep Lessons on Collaboration: How Collaboration Really Works.