We help you approach large scale issues with human scale sensibilities.


Our Approach 

When you work with Weiss Consulting, you'll find our approach is a blend of who we are and how we work.  Our initial entry and assessment and our principles for structuring success inform how we apply our cutting edge methods for your ongoing progress.

Who we are

  • We are straightforward, results-oriented and relationship-based.  We work in partnership with you. 
  • We enjoy complex, boundary-spanning situations where agreement matters and decisions can make a real impact. 
  • We thrive on compelling and practical questions that require elegant policy and practice solutions.
  • We have years of applied experience.  We quickly grasp key issues and discern core strengths.  We bring intelligence, heart and spirit to our work.
  • We bring a potent optimism grounded in real-world success.  We are convinced that most people and organizations can achieve more than they realize.  We bring your strengths and shared aspirations out into the open. We fully expect to see groups shift from satisfactory to extraordinary.
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Our entry and assessment

  • We ask questions that clarify assumptions and reveal opportunities.  We invite people to move ahead collaboratively.
  • We probe the strategic importance of the current situation, the industry context, and prospects for leverage.
  • We observe the tone and nature of group dynamics and working relationships.  We help to integrate large scale issues and human scale implications.

Our principles for structuring success

  • We aim for breakthroughs that resolve the issue at hand while strengthening your network of relationships.  Collaboration and pride in shared achievement lead to future success.  
  • We work in partnership with you in crafting our approach.  We engage your leadership group, cast a wide net to pull in all stakeholders, and use a design team.  Frequently we engage the entire system.  Since people support what they help to create, broad involvement helps yield powerful results.
  • We design to purpose and build on the foundation of shared context.  We get the whole system in the room and engage everyone in seeking solutions.
  • We build on your current strengths and what is truly desired.  We foster innovative solutions.  We help revitalize the spark at the core of your people, organization and communities.
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Our cutting edge methods

  • Our consultants bring a strong, fair and graceful presence to your meetings.  We are calm in the face of conflict and hard to intimidate in the face of authority.  We work with respect and empathy.  We balance the big picture with exquisite attention to detail.  Evenhandedly and with a touch of humor, we keep groups on task, on time and on purpose.
  • We have mastered an extensive collection of professional facilitation tools and know how to use them to create constructive working sessions.  We use basic agendas, ground rules, discussion formats and action planning sequences with discerning skill.  We listen carefully, synthesize complex exchanges, pose telling questions, focus and pace the conversation.  We use many small and large group dialogue, idea generation, and analysis techniques including Appreciative Inquiry and other collaborative models.  From graphic facilitation to electronic meeting support, we apply the right methods to your situation.

Our plan for ongoing progress

  • Immediately following a meeting or an event, we debrief with you and the design team.
  • After a few weeks, we check in with you on progress and impacts of your work.
  • A few months later we conduct a 'booster shot' meeting of the whole group, a sub-group or the design team.  We help you revisit outcomes, review events and progress, and agree on next steps to keep commitments alive.
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